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WebSite Vs. Mobile App: Which one is better?

Running a business and having a website for that business is very common nowadays. But having a separate web app is still uncommon. Well, there might be few confusions about having simply a mobile friendly website and having a whole separate app, both for the same business and with the same purpose
even. The ultimate goal is to reach to the handheld devices like smartphones and tablets and boost the sales. Now the question is which one suits better to gain more boost and sales? There are certain things from both the sides which affect intentionally or unintentionally to your business and its growth. Let`s
check out which suits to your business exactly as it needs.

Just getting into the development of a mobile application will not going to make sense without having a website. After all the website will work to create a brand presence in the mind of visitors and then you can move ahead to build a web app specifically for your customers, serving a specific purpose which is
not practical to include in a website. Eventually, the website should be the first step to build a mobile app.
Some statics might help you to make a decision :

  • 67% of consumers say that mobile friendly sites make them more likely to buy a product
  • More than 50% of mobile searches lead to purchase
  • Every 3rd person in the world is using the mobile
  • According to studies, 5 billion people will have mobile in their hand by 2019
  • More people are searching on their phones year over year

Websites & It`s Pros and Cons
Mobile websites are not the different websites specially developed for mobile or other such devices, but it`s just a mobile version of your current website. It’s just optimized for all the screen sizes. Typically a mobile website can not carry as much content as a normal website does. Ultimately is is just a website that is able to present the content on smaller screens.


  • Almost no cost if you think to have an add-on of a mobile website
  • No issue of compromising with user experience
  • It works on all the types of devices and easy to do so
  • Can have all the elements same as the regular website


  • Worthless if internet access is not available
  • Hard to use on small screen size
  • Design and content may collapse
  • No push notifications can be provided at real time

Web Apps & It`s Pros and Cons
Unlike a website, a web app needs to be downloaded to get the access to use it. There are many marketplaces to put the mobile app for use like App Store of Apple, Play Store of Android or App World of Blackberry. It is a software application indeed. The fundamental is to provide specific services by using web apps. The accuracy of delivering content on such devices reaches up to 99%. Their development also stands separate from a website.

  • Ease of sending push notifications
  • Instant access online or offline
  • Access to inbuilt mobile features
  • More SEO opportunities to target
  • Good and easy for regular usage and personalization
  • No issues of design
  • Faster and more efficient
  • Better personalization


  • Extra expense to develop
  • Manual update
  • Long process to access the content
  • Extra cost to setup

Who wins?
well, it depends upon the requirement of your organization. For casual use, the website would be more than enough. But for special purposes, the mobile app fits the best on the needs every time. There is everything with a web app to serve the best for your business needs. The combination of both a mobile
app and a website will work fine and even get more interaction and engagments. But if you are planning to large your business its time to have a web app for sure.