E-commerce website, Nowadays if you are doing any product base business and you are not selling your products online then you must be called dumb (Part of joke). Today online selling is became one of the most popular field. People prefer to shop online more than physical shop because of discount offers, coupon codes etc.If you are looking for your own e-commerce website, There are lots of platform which provide you platform to sell your products online.However you must sure about which ecommerce platform is best for you and your products.Let us give you some basic ideas about different platforms so you may choose right platform (Whoohoo…I’m excited to know)

Ciesto Solutions, Web Development & Web Design Company In IndiaWoocommerce is one of the widely used plugin of wordpress, which provide basic eCommerce platform.If you have very less number of products to sell online then you can use this platform.

Which type of customers choose woocommerce?

  • Are you just starting business with very low funding? This will suit you best as developing woocommerce website will cost you very less.  
  • Admin panel of woocommerce is super easy (If you are not a tech-friendly guy then)
  • If you stuck at some point there are lots of video tutorials available for woocommerce
  • If you wanted to setup store by yourself then just pick a theme of wordpress follow some steps and boooomm, your website is live (But we may suggest to get professional help always.

Why you don’t want this?

  • If you have thousands of products then you may want to go for other platform like Magento, Shopify, Opencart etc..
  • If you have concern about security then woocommerce is not one of the most secure platform.(One small mistake may cost you very high)

opencartThis is one of the oldest eCommerce platform.Older version lilke 1.5 or 1.6 were quire boring for shop manager to manage products.However, new versions have lots of improvement in UI and functionalities. Rich number of extensions will give you huge ecommerce experience.

Which type of customers choose opencart?

  • If you have great number of products then opencart will be best option for you.
  • Nice and clean admin interface to operate
  • Great availability of online forum, discussions, video tutorials
  • This will give your customer a really nice experience of online shopping
  • Huge number of themes are available in opencart

Why you don’t want this?

  • Security may concern you about this. However, opencart provide you more security then woocomerce (Ofcource.. :))
  • Still many users are finding problem in installation of theme and specially extensions.
  • Customization will cost you high as compare to wordpress woocommerce.

magentoLaunching of Magento 2.0, This will become surely one of the most famous eCommerce platform. Magento is specifically designed for eCommerce platform.It can handle millions of products and your customers.If you are launching big eCommerce platform, we suggest you to go with Magento which will give you huge eCommerce experience.

Which type of customers choose Magento?

  • Do you have thousands of products? Don’t think more and go with Magento only.
  • Magento provides huge type of variations for your all kind of products.
  • Magento have one of the biggest community support over all other platform.
  • Numourous of extensions available in magento community.
  • If you will go for Magento Enterprise Edition, You will get huge support from Magento.
  • Import – Export of products is one of the best feature in Magento.
  • Very high level of securities provided by Magento.
  • Highly customisation is possible.

Why you don’t want this?

  • If you wanted to go for Magento, You must have very strong budget as this will cost you thousands of dollars.
  • Except products, Managing all other attributes are quite difficult ( You must be a level 1 tech guy).

shopifyIf you don’t care about your dollars, then we suggest to go with shopify.Shopify have different plans for different type of stores which depends on number of products also cost you monthly basis.One of the best thing I like is, we don’t need to care about hosting, files, securities, backups etc. Shopify provides self-hosted websites. They do not provide access of server (So you can’t play with it..!)

  • Shopify provides 100% securities.
  • They have huge number of theme available to choose.(It may have very high in cost but I told you that already)
  • Shopify have huge number of apps to install on your shopify store.
  • They provide in-build website optimization.
  • Customisation in Shopify store is quite difficult if you don’t have knowledge of that.

Still there are number of eCommerce platform in market which you can use like Prestashop, Bigcommerce, Volusion, NopCommerce…etc

So, There you go…At last choose wisely whenever you wanted to build any eCommerce website of ask us for help.

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