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The fast-changing and emerging trends in the world wide web have witnessed a paradigm shift where websites are no longer a nice to have but a must-have for all businesses. Approximately, there is a 1.94 billion number of websites as of December 2018. The count continues to increase.

This continuous spurge in the world of the internet is definitely making businesses challenging and competitive. Business owners need to find their top space in the search engine. This demands business owners to be familiar with the latest web development trends.

With greater focuses on SEO (search engine optimization) for better rankings, the demands are today greater for user experience. To keep up with the evolving trends here are a few of the latest web development trends:


Accelerated Mobile Pages, an open-source framework was introduced by Google in 2015, enabling websites to speed up their loading time on mobile devices. According to Statista, almost 53 percent of all internet traffic comes from mobile phones and tablets. As a fact, there are 3.3 billion active smartphone users around the globe.

In the current scenario, a smartphone is available with all age groups and we prefer using it for any kind of search. As SEO also is moving towards mobile devices, business owners or Organizations providing Web Development services need to embark on this trend to accelerate business growth.

Thus, AMP helps to improve the loading speed of a website to less than a second, providing better user experience and helping websites rank higher in SERP results.


Consumers are now more aware and love to know more about your business. Can this all be done by a human? Chatbots are the present and future trends in website development. Do not be surprised when consumers are happier to interact with a bot.

Consumers demand more bot interactions for spontaneity and less wait time. In fact, 48% of consumers prefer to contact a Company via chatbot, as emails can be time taking.

Website Responsiveness

As your consumers are smartphone-friendly, you must also have a mobile-friendly website. It enables quick navigation of your site. Combined with AMP, your website responds to all screen sizes offering amazing user experience and convenience to browse anywhere and anytime.

Voice Search Optimization

The latest and most popular trend, we all love to just say “Hey Siri” or “Hi, Google”. These assistants are friendly and easy to use. Consumers highly prefer assistants today due to convenience over the traditional type search method.

Hence, optimizing your website for voice search provides advantages like better ranking, increased traffic to your website and better user acquisition. It isn’t tough, the API’s are already available.


Security in the internet world is is a highly discussed topic of the day. Emerging trends also witness an increase in the number of threats in the online world. To protect your business and data, utilizing artificial intelligence for cybersecurity is the key. It determines and predicts any potential threats.

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