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7 Important tips to Build a better Android Application:

Since Android has introduced, it is the most dominant smartphone OS today with above 80% of market share. Countless applications, user-friendly interface, and open source have made the operating system to reach the top of the mobile operating system industry.Though, android app development is quite complex, while creating the simplest application possible in the store. But now, except entertainment android is developing some serious businesses like banking apps, news apps, sports and event apps, e-wallet to extend the versatility of the system. With more than 700k applications and above 1.3million active devices daily, the OS is quite favorite to most of the people. So, what are the important steps to develop a successful android application? Here are the following

  • Elegance is relative to the respective platform

    Nevertheless, A UI is completely different for individual platforms, these apps are well designed and beautiful but the concept is different. A beautiful android application concept may not follow the concept of iOS or Windows application. An application running on android, iOS, and windows doesn’t mean to have the same UI,but different designs are meant to complement their own platform.

  • Tabs and Navigation

    Android application tabs should not contain ‘in tab’ navigation, or it would end up being complicated and counterintuitive.Android guidelines follow the back button to kill an application, which should be maintained or forcing navigation keys in a tab may not be as user-friendly as an android application needs to be.

  • Target Platforms

    It is important to make a target platform; it will help you to develop a unique application as you will know that what you must do or you must not.Also, you will get to know the visual and behavioral aspects of the target platform. To know more about android app development, you need to read the android guidelines and make a target platform of your own to build a better unique application.

  • App Designers

    A graphic artist knows about the ideal routes of displaying information, navigation, screen layouts, and visual language. Working with the designers may help you to think more creative and develop an application with different perspectives. It will make a huge difference to your application across different platforms.

  • Testing Applications

    You need to test your application more often to know every corner of functions through running inside.Maybe you’ll think you need to change the fonts because it is boring, or some tiles positioning aren’t quite perfect and you need to adjust it. Testing the application before releasing will help you to remove errors which you didn’t notice before.

  • Be a User

    Comparing and analyzing apps from different platforms as well as your target platform will help you to know the differences and other important algorithms of the platform. You can easily identify the lags or any attractive features if you be a user of your target platform and your own.